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50 Years – 50 Faces

Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Walther Busse von Colbe

He is a RUB veteran through and through and was a founding member of the Faculty of Management and Economics. To find out more about him please view our new film:
“50 Years – 50 Faces”

In 1965 Walther Busse von Colbe came to Bochum to teach business economics at the newly opened Ruhr-Universitat. In the following years together with a colleague he masterminded the integrated degree course “Management and Economics” which still exists today. In an interview, the emeritus professor recalls the first time he arrived in Bochum, when the chancellor of the university informed him: “down there, where those three cows are, that’s where your Institute is going to be”.

Marco Bösebeck

Those who want to apply for a scholarship do not only need outstanding marks. The best example gives scholarship student Marco Bösebeck. “I have never been the hardest worker at school”, he admits. Nevertheless he was chosen to become an exhibitioner. Since then his attitude towards his studies changed. He wants to give a good example now, by providing excellent marks permenantly. You can get further Information about the 26-year-old-boy by watching the following video ”50 years – 50 faces”.

Laura-Marie Schons

Laura Marie Schons inserts a lot of power to achieve her aims occupationally as well as privately: The postdoctoral student at Sales & Marketing Department at RUB is interested in our consumerism and its consequences for emerging economies and the question how marketing can be used in a more responsible way in this country. Hence she tries to decrease the production of recovered paper with using less advertising. In 2006 she founded an organization which helps improving the indonesian education system.