Equal Opportunity Officers:

Prof. Dr. Marion Steven
Room: GD 02/226
Phone: 32-28010
Email: Prof. Dr. Marion Steven

Academic staff
Dr. Barbara Wischermann
Room: GD 02/149
Phone: 32-28347
Email: Dr. Barbara Wischermann

Dr. Anna Talmann
Room: GD 03/173
Phone: 32-25836
Email: Anna Talmann

Non-academic staff
Kimberly Welsing
Room: GD 03/223
Phone: 32-21282
Email: Kimberly Welsing

Jana Lanze (Michelle Gardemann)
Room: GD 03/165
Phone: 32-27834
E-Mail: Jana Lanze
Michelle Gardemann

Gender Equality at the Faculty of Economic Sciences/Lore-Agnes Projects

Equal opportunities for women and men is a central strategic goal for the Faculty of Economics as well as for the entire Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Therefore, the agreement on targets for gender equality of the Faculty of Management and Economics and the rectorate of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum are regularly set out to promote gender euqality between women and men.

The Faculty of Managemnt and Economics faces a steady increase in the number of female students, graduates and doctoral candidates. According to the RUB Data Report 2018, the number of women in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes of the faculty is approximately between 50 and 70 percent.

Since 2016, the Faculty of Management and Economics participates in the so called Lore Agnes projects of the RUB. These projects aim at counteracting the "glass ceiling", still keeping women from rising beyond. Students, doctoral candidates and graduates get the opportunity to expand their personal profile with regard to managerial functions in business and science and to supplement their knowledge with relevant key competences.

The Faculty of Management and Economics uses the opportunity to prepare female students for their future employment in business and science and to encourage them to use the acquired qualifications specifically in order to achieve an occupational career. Our aim is to qualify women already during their studies for management tasks in which they are currently underrepresented and to compensate for possible weaknesses at an early stage. Women are often overlooked in promotions. One reason for this are power structures and management structures still existing in managerial functions. Many women do not perceive the chance of a career due to own blockades, low self-marketing and too much insecurity and restrain themselves, while their male colleagues self-confidently dare taking these steps in their career. The Faculty of Management and Economics wants to encourage female students to use their acquired qualifications for a career through targeted preparation.