Welcome to the website of the Honorary Professorship of Energy Economics and Politics

Research and teaching focus on economic issues in the national and international energy sector and here in particular the energy markets such as those for electricity, gas and coal. The political framework conditions for the energy sector are also considered and their influence on investment decisions is analysed ex ante and ex post. Due to my many years of experience in the energy sector, most recently as chief economist at RWE AG, the close interlinking of theory and practice is very important to me. I have four research areas:

  1. How energy transitions are taking place in different countries - the role of renewable energies, energy efficiency measures and, finally, fuel switching
  2. The financing of new power plants (both renewable and thermal) and storage. All projects rely on two sources of income - from the electricity wholesale market and subsidies of various kinds
  3. Energy taxation and the role of the European emissions trading system
  4. The decarbonisation of energy-intensive industry, especially in the Ruhr area.