News in 2017

Top marks for Economics Study Programs

Whoever chooses to do a master’s degree in Economics at the RUB has obviously made the right choice.  
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Certificates and Awards at Graduation Ceremony

On 17.11.2017 the Faculty of Management and Economics held a graduation ceremony in the Audimax for graduates of the summer semester 2017.  
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Prof. Dr. Kaya receives Best Paper Award

Article “The communicative value of extended auditor’s reporting”  
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13.11.2017: Annual report of the German Council of Economic Experts (GCEE) 2017/18
The annual report of the GCEE titled “Towards a Forward-Looking Economic Policy” was handed over to Chancellor Angela Merkel on 8th November 2017.
08.11.2017: Lore-Agnes Workshops in WiSe 2017/18 “Career Planning Programme for Women in Business and Science” – Registration is now possible!
The Faculty of Management and Economics is set to continue its series of workshops “Career Planning for Women in Economics and Science” with altogether five workshops in WiSe 2017/18 as well as in SS 2018.
08.11.2017: Successfully completed Doctorates
On 8th November 2017 a further five doctoral candidates successfully completed their doctoral degrees at the Faculty of Management and Economics.
06.11.2017: F.A.Z. Economist Ranking 2017
Faculty reaches Top Ten – Three researchers among Top 100
06.11.2017: How Managers influence Salespeople’s Negotiation Behaviour
Lots of customers like to bargain for a better price. In order to avoid the situation where customers try to twist salespeople around their little finger, it is necessary to have the right leadership.
06.11.2017: 8th Place in Logistics-University-Ranking 2017
The Chair of Production Management and students of the advanced bachelor module “Production Logistics” were very successful in this year’s “Logistik Masters” competition initiated by the magazine “Verkehrsrundschau” and the logistics service provider “Dachser”.
17.10.2017: Interuniversity research colloquium in Bochum
Conducted by the chair of international accounting of Prof. Dr. Pellens
16.10.2017: Prof. Dr. Marion Steven at the panel discussion about the future of thyssenkrupp steel on 15th October
Representation of the economic position
16.10.2017: Running late again with your studies?
"Procrastinitis" coaching – Don’t defer it, get started! “I will do it tomorrow…!” – Everyone has experienced procrastination.
13.10.2017: 50 years of the Institute of Management
Two years after the 50th birthday of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, the Institute of Management celebrates its 50th birthday.
09.10.2017: Annual meeting of the committee of regional theory and politics at the Faculty of Management and Economics
Between the 5th and 7th October 2017, the annual meeting of the committee of regional theory and politics took place at the Faculty of Management and Economics.
09.10.2017: New funding program of the chair of Management Accounting
Apply until the 18th October 2017 for RUB ConNeCT, the practical controlling funder program. Detailed information you can find on
04.10.2017: Lectures of Prof. Saam
In winter semester 17/18, Prof. Saam (chair for economy and politics innovations, CEIT) will provide the Bachelor lecture “The Economics of Digitalization” and the Master lecture “The Productivity Slowdown”. Further information regarding both lectures you can find on moodle.
21.09.2017: Microeconomics of Competitiveness: Firms, Clusters and Economic Development WS 2017/18
Based on materials developed by Prof. Michael E. Porter at Harvard Business School
15.09.2017: Pleasing placement of economists in current ranking of Handelsblatt
06.09.2017: Prof. Dr. Alavi begins his service
Third chairholder at the Sales & Marketing Department
05.09.2017: CEIT – Prof. Dr. Saam starts working
The chair of economics and policy of innovation
05.09.2017: Financial support of the stay abroad
LabExchange – Application deadline 15th September 2017 – inSTUDIESplus
30.06.2017: Digital B2B-Sales promote Profitability and Growth
Customers in digital B2B sales expect to find at least B2C standards / Severe disadvantages for digital latecomers / Big differences regarding the levels of digitization of companies in NRW / Study carried out by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
30.06.2017: Business Models for Industry 4.0 – Development of Tool to support Innovative Business Ideas
In cooperation with other institutions the Department of Sales & Marketing has developed a tool to facilitate development and validation of promising business models in the field of “Industry 4.0”. It is also possible to monitor and to innovate already existing business models using this tool.
28.06.2017: Places still available in seminar “Job Applications in English”
RUB’s Career Service
26.06.2017: Article published in „European Journal of Operational Research“
In cooperation with a team from the RWTH Aachen, a team from Prof. Werners’ Chair have succeeded in developing appropriate methods and efficient algorithms for handling uncertainty, the advantages of which can be demonstrated using the emergency services as an example.
24.05.2017: Impulses: Ten years of financial crisis
17.05.2017: Visit of the Vonovia general meeting
11.05.2017: Successfully completed doctorates
On Wednesday, 10th May 2017, seven further doctoral procedures at the Faculty of Management and Economics were successfully completed.
08.05.2017: Fifth year of the master course “Accounting and Auditing”
On Friday, 5th May 2017, the fifth year of the joint master course “Accounting and Auditing” has started, offered by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and the University of Münster (WWU).
02.05.2017: An invitation to the civil dialogue concerning the G20 Summit
Wednesday, 24th May 2017, from 1 to 4 pm, RUB – application required
19.04.2017: Financial support of stays abroad of Master students
LabExchange – Application deadline Monday, 15th May 2017
18.04.2017: Invitation to the guest lecture of Daniel L. Thornton on Wednesday, 19th April 2017
10.04.2017: 50th service anniversary of Prof. em. Dr. Dieter Bender
Handing over of the honorary certificate on Friday, 7th April in the rectorate
24.03.2017: Microeconomics of Competitiveness: Firms, Clusters and Economic Development SS 2017
Based on materials developed by Prof. Michael E. Porter at Harvard Business School
22.03.2017: Article published in European Journal of Operational Research
22.03.2017: Students of Dr. Joscha Beckmann gained insights into the European monetary policy
Visit of the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank
20.03.2017: XXI. Annual meeting of the Institute for Mining and Energy Law – A review
Topic: “Responsibility and financing in the course of the energy revolution”
14.03.2017: FinTech founding principle of the faculty is supported by the state of NRW
Laura Mervelskemper and Daniel Streit, both are research assistants at the Chair of Financing and Credit Services (Prof. Dr. Paul), were counted among the winners of the fourth round of the funding competition “START-UP-Hochschul-Ausgründungen” of the state of NRW, with their start-up project called “Round-Up”.
14.03.2017: Mathematics as language is not enough
Interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Roos, holder of the chair of macronomics.
03.03.2017: Integration trough independence
01.03.2017: Continuation of the thyssenkrupp START-Program
Also in 2017 there will be a thyssenkrupp START-Program.
27.02.2017: The unstatistics of the month – How statistics see Trump’s travel ban
With the “Unstatistik des Monats”, a three-person team of scientists including Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer, holder of the chair of Empirical Economics and vice-president of the Institute for Economic Research in Essen, questions recently published figures such as their interpretations on a monthly basis.
27.02.2017: Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship 2017
Travel as Transatlantic Ruhr Fellow to the USA – traineeship plus accompanying program in the summer of 2017
Start your international career in the New York metropolitan area!
15.02.2017: Successfully completed promotions
Seven further doctoral procedures have been successfully completed on Wednesday, 15th February 2017, at the Faculty of Management and Economics.
12.01.2017: Vonovia board member as speaker at the economic panel
Mr. Prof. Dr. A. Stefan Kirsten, a board member of Vonovia SE, will visit the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and give a lecture during the series of events at the economic panel on Tuesday, 17th January 2017.