Your questions

Are you interested in economic issues?

Would you like to know what affects the development of share prices on the stock exchange? Why Germany has to face such a high rate of unemployment or how companies can assert their position in the international competition? Are you interested in the marketing strategy of a company, the tax system or how a sensible economic policy might look like? Or do you want to understand how the European monetary system is structured, how the banking system works or how should the controlling of a company look like?
If you find these or similar topics exciting and you wish to work in the management of a company, in business or political consulting, then a study of management and economics will be the best choice for you. You will learn and get practice-oriented knowledge about these and many other interesting topics within your studies and thus create an excellent basis for the start in your career.
Here is what you should bring along for the studies of Management and Economics:
A good knowledge of mathematics and English are just as helpful as good computer skills. Apart from that you should enjoy working in a team. This will help you during the studies, as learning in a team is much more successful. But even in your future career teamwork is essential. You should also enjoy analytical and logical thinking. The most important thing, however, is that you have an interest in economic issues. Then you will like the course content, you will be curious and enjoy acquiring new knowledge.
We provide whatever remainder is needed in favor of a good education.

What we offer:

The Faculty of Management and Economics offers a variety of courses in which we provide you in different breadth and depth with the tools to answer questions of economic life.
The Bachelor programme in Management and Economics forms the core of the offered courses. This six-semester first-degree study is designed with an integrative approach: You will deal with different issues of the main areas of Management (BWL) and Economics (VWL) and you will learn to link these with one another. Although you can either choose Management or Economics as your study focus, we will make sure that you will never lose the sight of the overall picture. This will make it all the easier in your future working life, since business and economic issues are often linked to each other.
Furthermore, you can also choose the dual-subject Bachelor programme with the alternative orientations Management or Economics. Along with one of the two alternative specializations you have to decide for another study subject at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
After a successful completion of your bachelor studies, you can directly start your professional career. Alternatively, you can continue your studies in one of our three scientifically-oriented master degree programmes and expand and deepen your previously acquired knowledge.

On these pages you will find

Information on the study programmes of the Faculty of Management and Economics. We inform you about the different courses of study and explain what you need to consider while applying.
Under the items “Student Service” and “Examination Regulations” you will find the current class schedules and module handbooks for the semester planning and examination regulations.
If you are interested in spending a semester abroad, please find some information under the item “studying abroad”.
In addition, we present the Bochum International Summer School (BISS). On their pages you will find information and their current offers.
Please feel free to contact our student counseling team for any question referring to your studies.